This series is a simple, digestible training programme which activates a new way of approaching Psychological Health. Armed with an understanding of our minds, and the tools required to build

and maintain Psychological Fitness, we can ALL positively influence our psychological health.


The three part ‘Psychological Fitness Series’ is delivered directly into your inbox,

enabling you to access it whenever you want.

Part 1: The Mindflex Psychological Fitness ‘Immersion Session’ (1hour webinar)

  • What is Psychological Fitness?

  • The scientific foundations of Psychological Fitness (understanding the science and the associated supporting tools)

  • An introduction to the Psychological Fitness Model


Part 2: The Psychological Fitness 10-day ‘Training Series’

  • 10 x five minute Psychological Fitness videos delivered into your inbox

  • Gives the science behind, and the tools for, each of the ten ‘Psychological Fitness Factors’

  • Gives you a clear understanding of where you might need to invest into your Psychological Fitness 


Part 3: ‘The Mindflex Lab Pack’

  • At the end of the video series you will receive the ‘Mindflex Lab Pack’

  • This provides you with 20 x body-behaviour based and mind-based Psychological Fitness Tools to help build and maintain psychological fitness moving forward 

  • Included is the ‘Mindflex PsyFit Check’; a questionnaire used to keep a track of help maintain your Psychological Fitness

The Psychological Fitness Series